Executive Advisory Team

Dr. Edward Jung, CTO, Intellectual Ventures, LLC
Edward Jung founded Intellectual Ventures after leaving Microsoft Corporation where he was chief architect and advisor to executive staff. At Intellectual Ventures, Mr. Jung also serves as the chief technology officer, setting strategic technology direction for the company.

During his 10 years at Microsoft, Dr. Jung co-founded many Microsoft teams including Windows NT, Microsoft Research, mobile and consumer products, and web services. Before joining Microsoft in February 1990, Dr. Jung ran the Deep Thought Group, working on neural network chips for learning and parallel computation. He also consulted to and wrote software for NeXT Computer, Apple Computer and its Advanced Technology Group, and the Open Software Foundation.

An avid inventor, Dr. Jung holds more than 200 patents worldwide and has more than 1000 patents pending. His issued patent holdings are in a variety of areas including biomedical research instruments and neural networks as well as several fundamental patents in object technology, distributed operating systems and semantic data analysis.

Alex Knight, CEO, Edge Labs, LLC
Alex Knight is CEO of EDGE Labs LLC, an investment and strategic advisory firm. Previously, he was co-manager of the Invention Development Fund at Intellectual Ventures, the world’s leading intellectual property investment firm. Prior to founding EDGE Labs in 2004, Knight was a Managing Director of ARCH Venture Partners, an early-stage venture capital firm with over $1.5 billion under management. He has been an advisor, investor or board member for a broad range of companies, including Classmates (now United Online),About.com (now New York Times), Datacastle Corporation, Coffee Equipment Company (now Starbucks), Medify (now Alliance Health Networks), and IndieFlix.com. Knight has held executive positions with News Corporation, Microsoft, Corbis and Apple Computer.

He holds a BA from Stanford University and an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania.

Ward Camp, Head of Regulatory at Edison Energy LLC
A 30+ year veteran of the energy and utility industry, Mr. Camp has tremendous policy experience. Mr. Camp is current board member and former Chair of the Demand Response and Smart Grid coalition (DRSG). He is also a member of the GridWise Alliance, co-chair of the Business and Policy Domain Expert Working Group of the Smart Grid Interoperability Project (SGIP), a member of the Gridwise Architecture Council, and a member of the Association of Demand Response and Smart Grid (ADS).

Previously, he served in executive roles as Senior Vice President, Regulatory and Alliances at Innovari, Vice President, Regulatory and Environmental Policy at Landis+Gyr Energy Management Solutions N.A. and as part of the Senior Management of DCSI (now Aclara), USPowerSolutions and Avistar, a Public Service Company of New Mexico subsidiary. Camp has worked extensively with utilities and public utility commissions throughout the United States. He spent the first 17 years of his career as an attorney with a focus in energy and utilities both as in-house and outside counsel.

Technical Advisory Team

Bill Batton
William Batton, Principal Engineer, Barber-Nichols, Incorporated
Bill Batton has been with Barber-Nichols (BNI), a specialty turbomachinery engineering, design and fabrication firm for over 36 years. During his tenure, Bill served as Executive Vice President and Principal Engineer. He has recently stepped down from direct company management. He has led numerous energy system programs including solar, geothermal, waste heat and fossil fuels ranging from a few kilowatts to megawatts. He is an expert on Organic Rankine cycle and led the BNI team that collaborated with Steve Wright on the research and development of the SuperCritical CO2 closed Brayton cycle energy conversion systems.
In addition to his work on energy conversion, Bill has led engineering efforts of turbines, pumps and compressors for state-of-the-art aerospace applications. Clients have included commercial and government agencies and share common engineering requirements of extreme environments, light weight and low cost. The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, the most recent example, utilizes nine BNI turbopumps that mix kerosene fuel and liquid oxygen under intense pressure, causing greater thrust.

Paul Pickard
Paul Pickard, PhD, Senior Scientist (retired), Sandia National Labs
Pickard is a 40+year veteran of Sandia National Laboratories leading and managing research and development on advanced electrical power conversation and hydrogen production for next generation nuclear reactors, special purpose reactors for commercial, space and defense as well as advanced reactor safety.

Paul was the Technical Director for Department of Energy NE Generation IV Conversion Program and sat on numerous review panels for the Department of Energy and NASA. He holds a BS in Physics from Wheaton College and MS and PhD degrees in Nuclear Engineering from University of Arizona.

Ning Li
Dr. Ning Li, Professor and the Dean of College of Energy, Xiamen University, China
Dr. Li is a member of the Expert Committee for the State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation, an independent Director for Fujian Energy Ltd, China, and Director for Asia Development, TerraPower, US. From 2007 to 2008, he was the deputy coordinator of the US-China civilian nuclear energy cooperation for DOE’s GNEP program. Dr. Li has extensive R&D experiences in broad areas of nuclear energy technologies and fuel cycles, and was a planner, leader and participant in a number of US civilian nuclear energy programs, including Generation IV Nuclear Energy Systems, Advanced Fuel Cycle Initiative and Accelerator-driven Waste Transmutation. His research interests extend to ultra safe nuclear fuels, small modular reactors, long-life core reactors, and power generation technologies and systems in general.

Dr. Li maintains strong academic and international collaborations, publishes widely and has leadership roles in technical and professional organizations. Dr. Li is a co-founder and the President of the New Energy Industry Alliance, with nearly 200 member organizations ranging from national to regional energy group companies, equipment manufacturers, technology developers and service providers, and banks and investment funds. Among a number of honors and awards, Dr. Li is a recipient of the 2006 Asian American Engineer of the Year Award and a 2010 Scientific Chinese Person of the Year Award.